Charities we support

Hands Across The Water is a boutique charity supporting orphans of victims of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Thailand. It provides children and those in need with a caring and educational environment; allowing them to learn and expand their opportunities, empowering them to unite with the community. Every cent that is donated to Hands goes directly to the children. There are no administration fees, all of the people who 'work' for Hands are volunteers.

Hands is now also helping children in Yasothon province who are victims of HIV Aids and desperately need a help with funding for medicines and to improve their physical environment at the orphanage.

Stu Freeman of ProMag Publishing is pictured below doing voluntary work in an orphanage in Yasothon, Thailand in November 2010. Fifty New Zealanders and Australians spent time at the orphanage to help make life much more comfortable for children with HIV who have been living in marginal conditions.

Stu Freeman

Trish Freeman of ProMag cycled from Bangkok to Khao Lak in January 2010 as part of the Hands charity bike ride, and in 2011 ProMag supported two more resident Kiwis who took on the bike ride fundraising challenge. Kelly Hutchins of Appliance Connexion and Greg Sandrey of Sony cycled helped raise, with the other riders, more than A$500,000 for the kids. In 2012, Trish rode another 800km along the Mekong River to support children who were victims of HIV/Aids at Yasothon's Home Hug Orphanage.

Above right: At the start of the 2010 bike ride is Trish Freeman with Mrs. Prateep Unsong Tham Hata, Duang Prateep Foundation and fellow bike rider Niwan Janthawong, Baan Tharn Namchai Orphanage.

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Mobility dogs enhances the lives of people living with long term physical disabilities by providing mobility dogs to increase independence, confidence, self-esteem and participation in New Zealand communities.

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